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ePage Frequently Asked Questions


Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below. If you have a specific question, click this link to contact us.

How Do I Get Started with ePage?

Simply go to the Order ePage link, complete the short form and upload your PDF. Be sure your PDF is in the correct format before uploading. The PDF Preparation link will guide you. Include any special instructions you may have.

What is the Turn-around time for ePage?

Your ePage will be ready within 3-24 business hours, depending on the features ordered.

How much does ePage cost?

The Standard ePage is $179 per edition. See our pricing page for more details.

What features are included in the Standard ePage?
Can readers download/print my publication?

That is entirely up to you. The Standard ePage has links for both features. If you would like, we can remove these features.

Can I host ePage on my website?

The simple answer is no, not at this time.

How do I add Multimedia like videos, animation and music?

Zip your .swf or flv file along with your PDF and tell us where you would like to place the video. A project manager will be assigned and contact you to confirm the details. We can provide a video player if needed. Also, if your video is not Flash ready we can perform the necessary conversion(s).

YouTube videos can also be linked and posted.

Is it possible to put my publication on a CD?

Absolutely! A full-functioning ePage (or multiple ePage documents) can be placed on CD, where no internet connection is required.

Do readers require any special software?

No special software is needed. Just an internet connection and Adobe Flash, which is installed with most browsers.

Are there any contracts?

None at all. You pay as you publish. Volume discounts are available.

Do you offer a demo so I can see an ePage of my publication?
Indeed! Just upload your PDF and we'll send you a link by email to view your publication in motion. Once you decide to proceed and the payment process is complete, a full-functioning ePage with search, links, menu(s) and statistics will be completed.
How do I publish my ePage Digital Edition?

We provide you a link that you can post on your web site, behind a subscriber/members login screen or even email the link to subscribers.