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Annual Reports - The SEC has put in to place rules allowing corporations to electonically distibute proxy materials, including annual reports These "e-proxy" rules can drastically reduce the cost of corporate compliance.

Moreover, digital edition annual reports can include video or audio messages from the executive team, lending a personal touch.

Manuals & Training Guides become an information treasure-trove with ePage. Include instructional videos, calculators, technical guides, support links and more. Once you take your manual digital, the cost savings will just be icing on the cake.

Anything Paper ot PDF

Newsletters are a tapestry of culture and society. Although they are typically small publications, ePage is a great way to host not only the publication itself but also include calendar's of events, slide shows amd a host of other materials. Make your newsletter entertaining with ePage.

Share your Yearbook memories with family and friends around the country, and the world.ePage makes it easy to showoff your school spirit without the additional cost, that let's face it, students just don't have.

If its print or PDF, commercial or self published, fun or facts, an ePage digital edition will add an entirely new dimension for your readers and to your budget.

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